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Automatic Storage

Robust Quality Control

LAYANA provide single, progressive as well as transfer press production by using the Robot Arm.

   We have the expertise and technology to design, test and manufacture transfer tools, which can produce your parts and components in high or low volumes quickly and efficiently. We create tight tolerance parts with superior precision and repeatability, with deliveries to meet your deadlines.

Transfer Die Stamping

Transfer die stamping is similar to progressive die stamping and are used for parts which require multi-stage operations.

   These operations are assisted by automated mechanical fingers which transfer parts from one process to the next in a predefined manner. The difference is in that products are blanked first in transfer tooling thus eliminating the need for a carrying web.
Transfer die is often used to make parts that are larger or drawn deeper than those typical of progressive die. These include deep draw forming operations, side-action forming (cam-actuated), support for multiple trim stages, and support for performing hole making (piercing, countersinking, extruding, coning, shaving, and tapping) prior to or subsequent to bending and forming operations. Transfer Press Stamping is an excellent option for the production of stampings and often offers the benefit of lower tooling costs.
Through the transfer of tooling, we can quickly and effectively mass produce your parts and components. We manufacture precision tolerance parts with high accuracy and repeatability and deliver to meet your deadlines. Request a quote on transfer tooling for the parts and components you need, please contact LAYANA for more information. More info of 300 Tons Servo Press.
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