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Deep Draw Advantage

Deep Draw Tooling & Fabrication for Drawn Parts

   Deep drawing is one of the most widely used processes in sheet metal forming, which is generally used to manufacture parts and products that are deeper than metal stampings. Especially for products that require significant strength or product geometry that cannot be achieved by other manufacturing techniques. The use of deep drawing is more stable than bending during the production process, and no additional assembly steps on tooling are required, which can greatly increase efficiency, particularly advantageous in mass production. LAYANA engineering team provides multiple deep drawing solutions for a variety of industries.

LAYANA Deep Drawn Capability

  Where not only precision but complex solutions are required. LAYANA has up to 300 tons press machine and provides the best process to keep the highest quality of tooling and products, you can find for more details as below.

◣ Straight Side Double Crank Servo Press (300 Tons)

This type of press with fast response hydraulic overload protector (H.O.L.P.) and with high precision, could be in compliance with the requirement for all kinds of deep drawing.    More info of 300 Tons Servo Press.

◣ Deep Drawn Process - Tooling Type with LAYANA

Category Technical Details
Part Diameter 1.5-100 mm
Material Thickness Up to 2.5mm
Tooling Size Up to 2,200mm in length
Pitch of transfer die 130mm MAX.
Roundness 0.05mm
Drawing Ratio 1:3 (Depends on material and material thickness)
Over 1:3 (send us an email and discuss future)
Material Aluminum
Stainless steel : SUS304/SUS430
Per Customer Request

Benefits of Deep Drawn with LAYANA


◣ Professional RD Team

Our designer & Engineer know exactly how to handle each material, our expert RD members are available to help you with each step of the process, from finalizing your drawings to selecting the available operations to meet your requirement.

◣ Complete Plan & Process

We develop perfect plans and processes from development to mass production according to customer needs and requirement, to ensure that the desired goals and high-quality service are achieved.

◣ Reliable Service

LAYANA provides the best support from tooling development to mass production, and keep the highest quality of tooling and product. Especially for those products with high accuracy or geometries, we have the perfect inspective facilities and complete control plan to make sure all GD&T to be satisfied with our customers.

Application / Industry

  • Industrial
  • Mechanical
  • Medical Device
  • Consumer Electronics
  • Household Appliance
  • Cutlery
  • Valves
  • Motor
  • Automotive

Our Deep Drawn Parts

   Take a look at our Deep Drawn Parts as below to get a sense of our capabilities.
Deep Drawing
deep draw stamping
Deep Draw Stamping
Deep draw parts
Deep Drawn Parts

deep draw forming
Deep Draw Forming
deep draw sheet metal
Deep Draw Sheet Metal
Deep draw Die


Deep Draw Progressive Die
Deep Draw Progressive Die
Deep Draw Tool
Deep Draw Tool
Deep Draw Pressing
Deep Drawn Pressing

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