5 Why analysis is a way of orderly thinking, aiming at finding out root cause and terminating repeat issues.

For example, when we encounter machine breakdown or product defective, it provides a guideline to analyze root cause. With root cause, we can draw up strategies to stop problems from happening again. Find out the root cause, and then the problem could be solved easily. In sum, its purpose is to help us solve problems.

On the other hand, 5 Why is not only for single event, but for the whole system, process and even environment.
During the process, professionals from different departments can exchange viewpoints and share experiences,
so that we can probe the cause objectively.

COURSE    5Why Implementation Theory Training     


1) Real cause/ Root cause/Corrective action/Preventive action.
2) 5Why.
3) Molex Customer Complaint - 8D Report.


1) Learing how to use 5 Why analysis and put it into practice. Learning from experience, take every mistake as an opportunity to learn.
2) Make improvement of equipment or work site to get to real cause.
3) By using 8D to analyze customer complaints, and then bring up solutions or improvement methods.


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